Enjoy Cadbury Egg 'n' spoon even more!

For Mondelez' brands Cadbury and Milka we were asked to find a more sustainable solution for their plastic spoons in the Egg 'n' spoon. And we did...

The sustainable quest


On a global scale millions of the delicious Cadbury Egg ‘n’ spoon and Milka Egg ‘n’ spoon are being sold. The various flavors like for instance Egg ‘n’ spoon Oreo are literally forcing you to finish the complete tray of four eggs asap.

The tray itself is already plastic free, but Mondelēz International insisted on getting all the plastic out. The plastic spoon inside the Cadbury Egg ‘n’ spoon needed to be substituted.


Replacing a plastic spoon seems like a very easy thing to do. However the fact that it is being used for eating by adults and children, makes the requirements that Mondelēz International has for these products very high.

On our quest for the right product, we were constantly checking a wide range of certificates like FSC®, BRC, BSCI and many others.


After an extensive testing and optimilisation process, we were able to produce millions of spoons with the highest reruirements for food safety.

Pure wood, extra smoothened and without any plastic. Making the Cadbury Dairy Milk Egg ‘n’ spoon and the Milka Dairy Milk Egg ‘n’ spoon plastic free!

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