Quality is our number one priority here at Halma Solutions.

We work exclusively with suppliers that we have personally selected. The meet our strict requirements and conditions. We take care of the following quality-related matters:

De volgende kwaliteitgerelateerde zaken nemen wij voor onze rekening:

  • Professional and independent control of your goods, from the production process on location to shipment.
  • Control on aspects such as working conditions for workers, child labor and “social responsibility”;
  • If desired, additional production controls to be specified by you;
  • Quality assurance of the products.

We are FSC® certified!


This means that we can deliver products that contribute to responsible forest management. FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council®, an organization that takes care of the conservation of forests worldwide. FSC speaks of responsible forest management when the ecological, social, and economic aspects of forest management are taken into account in a balanced way.

With responsible forest management, FSC aims to protect the habitat of plants and animals and respects the rights of the local community and forest workers. But also on harvesting wood and making money while preserving the forest. A well-managed forest has less risk of being cut down for other purposes such as the construction of palm oil or soybean plantations and mining.

So use FSC!
By buying FSC-certified products, you contribute directly to the protection of our forests and to a healthy living environment for humans and animals worldwide. By giving economical value to the forest by choosing FCS, you will make sure that the forest will be preserved. You can find us as a certified company on the FSC-database under license number FSC-C016391.

“Ask us for our FSC®-certified products”

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