State-of-the-art paper coffee cup factory opens its doors in Goa

After months of preparation, the new TCPL-Halma paper coffee cup factory in Goa (India) was officially opened on May 7, 2022.

A state of the art production company with the latest equipment to initially make paper coffee cups in five sizes. 4oz, 6oz, 7.5oz, 8oz and 12oz. Maarten Halma, CEO of Halma Solutions, sees his dream come true. “For years I have dreamed of having our own factory with which we can optimally serve our customers. The collaboration with TCPL is a unique opportunity, where knowledge of the European market is combined with the latest technology and many years of accumulated production experience.” According to Halma.

The paper coffee cup factory is located in Goa, southwestern India. The combination with the existing TCPL factory in this area offers many possibilities and means that high-quality products can be produced with short lead times. Halma continues; “Because we combine with the other production facilities, we have very short lines and daily communication about the production. We now have even more influence on the production processes and we use all our production knowledge in the conversations with our customers. This enables us to carry out our mission, which is to completely service our customers, even better. In the coming period, the focus will be on starting up and optimizing processes, while further scaling up is already being considered. This is based on the enthusiastic reactions from our European customers. Initially we will mainly make paper coffee cups in the TCPL-HALMA factory, but I expect that we will also produce other products for our customers. Fortunately, there is plenty of room for further growth.” Halma concludes.


About Halma Solutions:
Maarten Halma, CEO of Halma Solutions, started in the industry in 1990 and quickly became one of the pioneers in the packaging industry. From the founding of Halma Packaging to the merger with the Paardekooper Group: as an entrepreneur, he never has time off. In 2014 he started ProQare Packaging, a company in which he could combine all of his knowledge, passion and international network. A name change took place on January 1, 2020: ProQare Packaging became Halma Solutions. “A name that covers the scope of our activities even better. We work in a solution-oriented way and actively think along with our customers. We think in possibilities, not in limitations.

The packaging industry has no secrets for us. Halma Solutions is not only the specialist in sourcing, but also a knowledge base with current knowledge about the market and sustainable packaging solutions.”


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