What makes a good takeaway packaging?

What makes a good takeaway packaging?

During the Covid19 pandemic, the demand for takeaway packaging literally exploded. In the Netherlands the restaurants could only deliver their menus during the lockdowns. Hamburger boxes, panini boxes, paper bags and meal boxes exploded and the warehouses of many of our customers were not prepared for such an enormous peak.

During this period, we also noticed that sustainability became more important in packaging. The demand for paper and cardboard was so big, that shortage of raw material occurred. Prices increased and some companies switched back to cheaper plastic again. However, the mindset of many restaurants changed towards more sustainable packaging and there was no way back.

Takeaway packaging should last for 45 minutes

In general, for delivery of food, takeaway packaging should last 45 minutes. This is the time companies like Just Eat Takeaway use as the maximum amount of time an order needs to get to the customer. The packaging should stay greaseproof, leak-free and keep the food as warm as possible during this period.

The logistical aspect of the packaging should not be forgotten either. The speed of wrapping the food and ease of filling food boxes play an important role in the kitchens. So what makes a good takeaway packaging? Leak-free, greaseproof, keeping the heat inside and ease of use.

Different raw materials possible

You can use various types of raw materials to make a good takeaway packaging. Often, due to the short time the food is supposed to be in the packaging, a mono material packaging is sufficient. Cardboard, paper, bagasse are all solutions that are plastic free and ‘do their job’ very well in those 45 minutes. The question we often ask our customers is what they really need to protect and transport their food. Over-packing is a waste of money and packaging. Put a fries tray in a paper bag and then in a bigger paper bag. Putting your margin at risk and giving a bad impression at the customer when unpacking.

Communication and personalization

During Covid19, the number of restaurants that put their logo or other branding on their packaging increased. They could not open their doors for the customer, so they decided to add a personal message to their food on the takeaway packaging. The added value of a delicious meal on your table, with a constant reminder of who made it for you, is very interesting!

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