Sustainability and packaging seminar


How are current laws influencing my packaging and what about the future? Can I also lower my CO2 impact? Which raw material works for my product?

Every day we receive many questions about packaging, sustainability and legislation and we therefore offer the opportunity to follow a sustainability and packaging seminar. Get up to date info on legislation, packaging innovation, customized packaging and sustainability through an interactive session of 1 hour.

A session for your team in which we plunge you into the secrets of packaging development, legislation and packaging trends. Our main focus is to feed you with information and to discuss your packaging and sustainability challenges.

Our expertise in international packaging, legislation, logistics, sustainability, packaging innovation, production and raw materials, which we expand daily through our worldwide network, will be shared with you in an open session.

Maarten Halma


Maarten combines many years of experience in international packaging sourcing with an enormous amount of energy.

Ruben Quant

General manager

Ruben knows better than anyone how purchasing can be optimized and how quality, continuity and margin can go hand in hand.

Wim Apeldoorn

Sustainable Business & Innovations manager

Wim knows how to combine sustainability, material knowledge, legislation, innovation and humor in one session with hands-on advise for your company.

These sessions with one of our experts are fro FREE. Get your team up to date  and enjoy hands-on advise for your packaging and reserve the sustainability and packaging seminar right now!