Strategic sourcing of packaging without any risk

Buying disposables for resale can be done in many different ways. What often starts with a few boxes, growes to pallets with packaging and if there is sufficient sales, buying from the source is an interesting step in generating attractive extra margins. y buying directly from the producer, the purchase prices are extra interesting But how do you make the step to strategic sourcing without a lot of risk?

What if you outgrow your current supplier?

Each supplier has their own specialty and as the numbers you sell grow, it may be time to make the switch or spread your risk. You are limited by the capacity of your supplier Prices drop insufficiently with a larger order, delivery times increase and errors start to pile up. Buying disposables becomes a nightmare

The right sourcing strategy is like a tailor-made suit for your company. Who keeps up with your growth now and in the future if you receive a multiple times the orders you receive now. By purchasing at the source you build a profit margin that gives you the opportunity to grow further.

What exactly is strategic sourcing?

Strategic sourcing at Halma Solutions means that we help you to take the next step. With our years of experience, knowledge of the market and our worldwide network, we can find the right packaging for you at the manufacturer that suits you.

With a little search on Google you will quickly find a factory. Whether this factory fits your ambitions, what the working conditions are like and how you get the best price, that is of course something you can’t see online

Our team will help you with these questions and guide you through every step of the way. From quotation to production coordination, logistics and invoicing. We also take care of all official documents and quality control, minimizing the risk and worries you have when doing business with a foreign supplier. You can also include our own certificates in the purchasing process. Sourcing is a profession in its own right, but it offers enormous opportunities.

Is strategic sourcing your next step?

We would be happy to discuss the sourcing of your packaging with you. Together we look at what best suits your current and future situation. Which products are your runners and what options are there in Europe or beyond for the favorable purchase of these products. Are you going for the highest quality, the most competitive price or is continuity the most important thing for you? Everyone determines for themselves what the priority is when sourcing and we will discuss this with you in a conversation.

Sourcing a big step? With the right partner you have a lower risk and you can continue doing business as usual. Are you interested in more information about the possibilities of strategic sourcing? Is sourcing for some of your top sellers the next step to take your business further? Please contact us and let’s look at the possibilities together.