The power of a coffee cup

Coffee companies and coffee producers know the added value of a sustainable coffee cup. A custom paper coffee cup adds value to your product or is important for the brand awareness off their customer. A sustainable business model.


Quality coffee cups

We produce millions of paper cups every year. From a custom paper coffee cup with a special design to a pallet of coffee cups from our warehouse. Besides a tailor-made quotation and countless examples of coffee cups that we can show you, we can also give you advice on sustainability and developments in the industry.

  • Extensive knowledge of the market and industry developments
  • Customers all over Europe
  • Own coffee cup factory with our own production

Paper coffee cups per pallet?

Check out our cups in 3D
Making a paper cup making is an art
Making coffee cups is an art

Every day we are improving the quality of our paper coffee cups. From the raw material and the sustainability of our coatings to efficiency in our production


From a small 4 oz paper coffee cup for espresso to a 12 oz cup for latte macchiato or the ideal 6 oz vending cup. Our production is specialized in various sizes and qualities


From FSC®-certified cardboard to a certificate for food safety and working conditions in the factories. Let us know what your wishes and demands are!


We take care of the complete process. From design and raw materials to production and logistics. Your paper coffee cups are delivered on your doorstep. Wherever, whenever

Hopefully the examples of the various coffee cups inspire you to create your own paper cups. Custom made cups can be produced from 50,000 pieces onwards. However, 10 or 20 milion pieces are no problem either!

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