Developing a new packaging is always a tailor-made process. It often starts with a question from our customer or a prospect. The desire to create a sustainable packaging solution or a packaging that better suits the brand.

We keep an eye on both logistical and production processes when developing a concept. It’s not just a ‘tray’, but much more. After all, a new packaging must fit in like a glove into existing processes.

By working together very closely in the packaging development process, the bond we get with our customers and the respect for each other’s business grows. It’s the moment when the customer enthusiastically starts using the first produced packaging and shares this with us, is what is pushing us to go a step further!”

Wim Apeldoorn, Sustainable Business & Innovations manager

Packaging solutions that fits your product. We love to develop them together. The ‘carrier’ of your product that adds value. Not only by the choice of the raw material, the design or the shape, but also the sustainability level. Just opening the packaging should be an experience in itself for your customer. What can we do for you?

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