Innovative packaging is all about thinking out of the box

Innovative packaging is all about thinking out of the box

Besides the global sourcing that we do for our customers, we see a huge increase in the amount of requests for innovative packaging solutions. The current market situation after Covid and the changed consumer thought on sustainability, drives companies to take action.

Besides these aspects, in the Netherlands and of course also in the EU, legislation in which materials like plastics and PFAS/ PFOS are being forbidden, is being rolled out in a pace hard to follow. The development of new types of raw materials that might replace plastic is therefore also accelerated.

Communicating core values

Making a beautiful box or tray, with a full color print and enough space for marketing to communicate core values is what would make packaging development easy. However, we believe that besides these basic requirements, innovative packaging should fit in seamlessly with logistical and production processes.

On top of that, the packaging itself should be a match with the values of the company. Choices for the type of raw material (recycled or virgin, plastic or paper), mono material or not and if it is recyclable or not should be made. All to create packaging that reflects the core values of the company or a brand.

Crucial steps to get to truly innovative packaging

We receive two types of requests. One to replace the current packaging for a better, more sustainable packaging or the creation of a completely new packaging. We always start with the list of requirements that a company has. This is often based on which product that needs to be packed, the circumstances in which it is sold (retail or to go, dry or wet, airtight etc.), production requirements and logistical preferences. Sustainability is named more often as a standard requirement.

The list of requirements combined with the core values/ mission & vision of a company and any other special preferences like private label determine what a packaging looks like. The difference in the approach for us is of we can think out of the box. There are so many choices a company can make and making an innovative packaging requires guts and a determination to make a difference.

Raw materials

The development of new raw materials is giving us more and more options to come up with plastic free alternatives. These new materials are always more expensive than a.o. plastic, because they are made in smaller quantities. However, if you really want to stand out and make a big step in developing innovative packaging, sticking out your head is a necessary step to make.

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