#Packeddifferently: custom made packaging development

When is a packaging a real packaging solution? What types of packaging are standard and what makes packaging sustainable? Halma solutions answers these questions and helps companies with the packaging that fits like a glove. Custom packaging development is an interesting challenge!

Packaging like a tailor made suit

When developing sustainable packaging, we do not only look at which packaging solution best suits the product that has to be protected. We also look at production processes and logistical processes at the customer and above all the customer experience. Customized packaging fits seamlessly into existing processes and is more often also sustainable packaging.


What are the steps involved in packaging development?

Existing packaging is often ‘ok’, but companies are looking for a sustainable alternative to plastic packaging or they want an altered packaging solution that better matches the image of the brand, product or company. than custom packaging development is a solution.

The desire is there, but the solution might not be as easy as expected. For example, not only must the best before date and water barriers be guaranteed, new packaging must also be fitted into existing machines. Without lower production output and ideally without the cost of machine adjustments. At Halma Solutions we take 11 steps together with our customer in this process:

  1. Discuss the current packaging solution and specify the need
  2. Final request and list of additional requirements (processes etc.)
  3. Search for the right material and producer
  4. Packaging design and material testing
  5. Packaging test on larger scale
  6. Final quotation after all adjustments are made
  7. Artwork development
  8. Production of the packaging
  9. Delivery at your location
  10. Invoicing
  11. Evaluation of the process and packaging

What are the costs for custom packaging development?

Developing a packaging solution or sustainable packaging is free of charge. However when we have to make costs ourselves like printing plates, samples, raw materials etc. than we will charge these costs. Costs will be specified upfront!

Halma Solutions is discussion partner and development partner for all kinds of packaging for both wholesalers and companies that are looking for innovative packaging solutions.

hanks to our knowledge of raw materials, production and design, we can help you with the right customized packaging. But it doesn’t stop there. We will find the right production partner in our network and we take care of the production and logistics. Not only developing, but also delivering the packaging at your location.

If you are looking for a partner to help develop your new packaging solution and the right network to produce this customized packaging at the same time, then don’t look any further! Packaging development without risk. For more information and the possibilities, please contact our team