What is the best coffee cup to go?

What is the best coffee cup to go?

Paper coffee cups are available in so many sizes, types and colors, that choosing the best coffee cup to go is not easy. What determines the quality of a coffee cup and what is the absolute minimum quality necessary?

Raw materials are essential

The standard paper coffee cup is made out of paper and a thin layer of PE or PLA. Since paper itself is not sealable, the polymers are necessary to ‘glue’ the side seam and bottom part of the cup. This is done by heat-sealing.

The material used and the time the cup is heat-sealed, determines the quality and leak-free-ness of the cup. Thus the best coffee cup to go. The thickness of the paper and the stiffness is essential for the bigger cups. The more liquid  it needs to carry, the thicker the paper. The bottom paper is often from a different weight than the sidewall. It is a little lighter, just to safe money. Leakage often appears when the paper used is minimized or the layer of the PE/ PLA is too thin.

Single wall, double wall, ripple wall

Which type of paper coffee cup you prefer also determines which makes the best coffee cup to go for you. Are you settling for a single wall cup? Do you really like a double wall cup because it is keeping your drink warm for a longer period? Is a ripple wall cup your choice because you need more grip to hold the cup?

We believe a single wall cup is good enough. It has the lowest impact on the environment and for the short period that it takes you to finish the drink, it keeps your drink warm enough.

The type of lid on the best coffee cup to go

When traveling, a lid on your paper coffee cup is pretty handy. A lid with the right size is easy to apply and will not get off that easy. The rim of the cup and the exact diameter determine the quality of the lid. Plastic, bagasse (sugarcane) or paper lids, all of them can be used equally. We would advice you to ask for a paper or sugar cane lid, because it has the lowest impact on the environment. A lid that fits well, keeps your shirt clean 😉.

Personalization of the paper cup

Besides our standard paper cups with a green print with various designs, we also have the possibility to customize your own paper coffee cup. Your all- over design including the message that communicates with the customer. The best coffee gup to go also has the looks!

We can help you with the design by asking our design team to make a smashing design for you or you can deliver your own design, based on our design template. Please keep in mind that for cups with PE, we will always have to include the international turtle logo.

For more information on or paper cups, how we produce the cups or why we guarantee a very high quality, please contact us via our e-mail; info@halmasolutions.com or by phone +31 (0)24-7470013. We are always happy to discuss the possibilities with you and share our thoughts on sustainability, eco packaging, innovative packaging or other packaging products. Please also feel free to ask us for the most recent developments on raw materials and recycled packaging

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