Bagasse packaging, a good plastic free alternative

Bagasse packaging, a good plastic free alternative

Bagasse is made out of the left-over sugar cane fiber that is the ‘waste’ when the cane has been turned into sugar. Over 80% of the world’s sugar is being produced by sugar cane farmers, the rest of is mainly sugar beet. So in the countries where sugar cane is being harvested, there are enormous supplies of this ‘waste’ material. Waste suited to make bagasse packaging from.

Waste material molded to packaging solutions

After the sugar cane juice has been extracted from the plant, the long bagasse fibers are the left over of this process. These fibers show similarity to wood and paper fibers. Long threads that are suitable to ‘glue’ together.  The fiber is molded under high-pressure and a high-temperature into nearly anu shape you can imagine. From transportation materials, to bagasse packaging for food or even medical packaging.

Bagasse grows very rapidly unlike for instance wood (trees). This makes it an interesting raw material that has a relatively low impact on the environment. The pulping and molding process also takes less energy than making paper for instance.

 The advantages of bagasse packaging

So enough about the raw material itself, what about the packaging made of bagasse. The food packaging like A-trays or bowls are very interesting for our customers because they are plastic free. The material itself has a high water and grease resistance, but in order to bind the fibers, often fluorine or a starch binder is being added to the pulp. We are currently testing with a completely fluorine free binder, that makes this packaging plastic free and fluorine free. The inside of a tray or bagasse bowl is smooth and the outside isn’t and this has to do with the way it is processed.

Endless shaping possibilities

Bagasse packaging can be shaped in many different types of trays, cups or other shapes. The final mold of the desired shape is always determined after samples molds have been made. A sample mold will only cost a few hundred euros and can make up to hundred or so samples. After the final adjustments are made, the mold will be constructed for the actual production. These production molds are around 6000 euros, depending on size and details in the design of course.

Personalization of bagasse packaging

The material itself can not be printed, however if the tray is big enough, there might be possibilities to personalize via embossing. Bagasse can be bought in two colors, natural (a bit grayish) or bleached (white). We recently connected with a partner who is able to print labels with plastic free glue that can be used to personalize the bagasse trays.

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