Custom paper coffee cups for wholesalers or coffee suppliers

Paper cups have been a common item for many years in the office and for a cup of coffee or tea on the go. They are available in many different sizes. From a 100 to 120 ml espresso coffee cup to 500 ml cardboard milkshake cups. You also have single wall paper cups and double wall paper cups, which retain the heat longer, because they have a double layer on the outside.

Where are paper coffee cups used?

Paper coffee cups are often used in the office, in coffee shops, restaurants and especially for taking coffee on the road. Optionally, the paper cups can be provided with a lid, again to retain heat and of course to protect the user’s clothing.

cardboard-coffee cups-halma-solutions

How do you get a good quality cardboard coffee cup?

Paper cups actually consist of two parts. The round side and the bottom. During die cutting, these are cut out and separated from each other. At high speed, the side is glued and the top edge is curled over (the rim) As soon as this has taken place, the bottom is pushed into the cup from the bottom and ‘glued’ together by pressure and heat The quality of the paper coffee cups depends on a number of components The type of cardboard (thickness and type), the coating that is used to make the cardboard coffee-tight (often PE or water-based), the type of glue that is used (here as well, the cohesive strength and drying time are extremely important) and of course the fine-tuning of the production process. Making paper cups is a craft.

What makes sustainable paper coffee cup?

The material choices determine how durable a paper cup really is. For example, choosing a single wall with 1 layer on the outside is more sustainable than a double wall. The type of coating and the thickness of the coating have a direct influence, as does the adhesive used. Due to the rapid production and bonding under high pressure, a minimum thickness of a coating and adhesive layer is required to make the paper cups leak-tight.


Where can I buy large quantities of paper coffee cups?

If you are a wholesaler, reseller or, for example, a dealer of coffee machines or coffee, you can buy personalized paper coffee cups at Halma Solutions. In addition to our own standard coffee cups in 6oz, 7.5oz and 8 oz, which are for sale per pallet, we also have the option of supplying personalized coffee cups from 50,000 pieces onwards. In addition to our global network with multiple suppliers in Europe and Asia, we have our own factory in India where very high quality paper coffee cups and cardboard milkshake cups are produced.

If you are interested in your own paper coffee cup or paper cup in a specific format, please contact us to discuss the options for customizing larger numbers of coffee cups.