The 6 oz coffee cup

The 6 oz coffee cup, ideal for vending machines

Our coffee cups are made with the best machines in the market and with the highest quality standards. For our vending customers, the 6 oz coffee cup is the best option. A stable paper cup with a firm rim that makes the release in the vending machine easy and fast.

State-of-the-art production of the 6 oz coffee cup

These products are always made with virgin fiber material, just like our 6 oz paper cup. While the paper has an open seam inside the cup, the beverage can have migration with the inside of the paper. When recycled material is used, there might be leftovers of paint, glue or anything else in the paper, which gives a possibility of migration. Due to a very thin layer of plastic (often PE), we make sure that the cups are not leaking and migration will not take place.

The cup itself consists out of two parts. The bottom and the side wall. The first step is to make the side wall in the shape of a cup. This shape is being made by heat sealing the ‘blank’ of the coffee cup paper to itself. When the side wall has a closed side seam, the bottom can be inserted. This bottom is often a bit heavier in grammage than the wall of the cup. This is because this part needs to carry the complete content of the cup.

A leak-free 6 oz coffee cup

Things like the thickness of the board and the type of barrier that is used determine the strength. The time that the producer takes to apply the heat sealing and the drying time determine the quality of the paper cups. The quality is often defined by how it feels when in your hand. Also how hot the cup gets and of course if the paper coffee cup is leak-free. We have a wide range of paper cups with various sizes available.

Personalization of the 6 oz paper cup

We have a standard 6 oz paper cup with a green print with various designs. Besides this, we also have the possibility to customize your own paper coffee cup. Your all- over design including the message that suits your company. We can help you with the design by asking our design team to make a smashing design for you. Another option is that you can deliver your own design, based on our design template. Please keep in mind that for cups with PE, we will always have to include the international turtle logo.

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