Chinese office

An important step was opening our won office in China.

Asia is the place to be when it comes to innovative, sustainable and high-quality packaging concepts.

Maarten Halma already discovered this in 2003.

“During my very first supplier visit to Asia, I lost my heart to the continent and the many possibilities. Over the years I have visited hundreds of factories and have established many valuable relationships.”

Professionals in Wuxi

An important step was opening our won office in China. Our colleagues Annie Yang, Louis Yi and Lydia Li are highly experienced professionals in the packaging industry who, on a daily basis, deal with sourcing, monitoring, streamlining all order processes, all quality controls and maintaining good relationships with the suppliers in Wuxi. They do this for Halma Solutions exclusively. Maarten still regularly goes to China. He knows all the suppliers and has, over the years, built a strong and valuable relationship based on trust with them.

Annie Yang
Louis Ji
Lydia Li

The best deals

Thanks to our own office in China, Halma Solutions can make the best deals for you. The time difference, among other things, makes it possible to switch quickly. We’ll take care of:

  • Selection of the best suppliers
  • Price negotiations
  • Contracts
  • Audits at suppliers
  • Production planning
  • Quality control
  • Shipping
  • Aftersales

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