From FSC® to Flustix® and Social Compliance

Importing packaging involves a lot of work and certificates. The added value of Halma solutions for our customers is that our expert arranges this and takes a lot of work off their hands.

Morena is responsible within Halma solutions for all certification of the producers, the products and of course Halma Solutions itself. ‘Halma Solutions is FSC® certified, which enables us to offer our customers FSC® certified products. This contributes to responsible forestry. For 1 tree that is being cut, at least 1 new tree is planted. The quality and social compliance of our production partners are also very important themes that I deal with every day. A GMP certificate for food safety and a Social compliance certificate that excludes ethical themes such as child labor, are absolutely strict requirements from Halma Solutions before we start working with a party.’ According to Morena.

The legislation on plastic-free products also means that new types of certificates are required. The Flustix certificate for plastic-free products is an example. ‘Plastic plays an important role in the search for packaging that is more sustainable than the current packaging. We are receiving questions every week about which type of certificate governments accept as a proof for plastic-free packaging. Flustix has not yet been fully approved by the Ducth government, but they are working on it.” Morena continues. “In addition, our customers increasingly have additional requirements for their own documentation and quality requirements and/or certifications. In this matter I also take on the entire process, with which I often go through the specific wishes together with the purchaser and additionally set things in motion together with the producers.’ Morena concludes.