Anyone who hears the name ‘Maarten Halma’ thinks of packaging. And vice versa.

In 1990 he started in the industry, after which he quickly became one of the pioneers in the packaging industry. From the founding of Halma Packaging to the merger with the Paardekooper Group: as an entrepreneur, he has always kept himself busy.

In 2014 he started ProQare Packaging, a company in which he was able to combine all his knowledge, passion and his international network. On 1 January 2020, a name change took place: ProQare Packaging became Halma Solutions: a name that covers everything the company does even better. We work in a solution-oriented way and actively think along with our customers. We think in terms of possibilities, not limitations.

The packaging industry has no secrets for us. Halma Solutions is not only the specialist in sourcing but also a knowledge base with up-to-date knowledge about the market and sustainable packaging solutions.

About us

  • halma-solutions-maarten-halma
    Maarten Halma
  • Lilian te Poel
  • Morena van Krevel
    QA Manager
  • odette
    Odette Vallen
  • Ruben Quant
    General Manager
  • fred
    Fred Walk
    Finance Assistant
  • Julie Koevoet
    Julie Koevoet
    Junior Project Manager
  • Wim Apeldoorn
    Sustainable Business and Innovations manager
  • Louis Ji
    General Representative
  • Annie Yang
    Chief Representative
  • Lydia Li
    Sourcing Assistant

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